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Read About Us in the Local Newspaper

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  What Our Clients Say About Our Services

What are our Clients saying about using our Mobile Vet Service?

Tommy H. allows, "This is great. Just to get my little dog his shots and exam used to take at least half a day of time, and I spent more money in gas and office calls than All Creatures charges."

"When I set up a time with Linda and Dr. Hammett, I just stick around the house and do whatever I need to do until they get here, instead of wasting all that time driving over the mountain and cooling my jets in a crowded waiting room surrounded by other peoples' animals who may have any number of diseases."

Dee M. adds that it can be difficult to find time to take her dog to a veterinarian's office, but beyond the scheduling hassle, her dog would shake and be terrified by the experience.

"It's so much easier for your dog," she said, which is more relaxed, even if still being poked and prodded, because it's happening on home turf.

Many people, especially those with multiple pets, large pets, or pets that don't ride well (jumping around, getting sick at either end, etc.) find the convenience of having an appointment that comes to them priceless. Also, elderly or people with elderly adults living in their home who they don't want to leave alone during the day. Mothers with multiple children or multiple pets find the convenience of having the vet come to them is a real life-saver.

"I just was finding I couldn't get enough time with the vet at a regular clinic," Jean S. says. "You would have 15-minute slots, and by golly, you better get your pet cured in that 15 minutes or else. It just doen't work that way all the time. I just wasn't very happy."

"When Linda and Dr. Hammett arrive, my pet gets whatever time he needs. It's very comfortable."

"We have all of the basics of veterinary care available at our fingertips", Linda Hammett (Dr. hammett's wife and Animal Health Technician) says. "We can't offer much in the way of surgeries, hospitalization or critical care, but once pets are spayed or neutered, they don't need much critical care until they reach the end of their lives. When necessary, we refer them to a non-mobile veterinary clinic."

Gail L. has three dogs and a cat, and said it's much easier for her and the animals to have the vet come to their home.

"Cats become very upset, extremely upset, when they have to leave home," Gail said. "And dogs too, they get very, very upset."

Gail said her daughter uses All Creatures as well, since it's difficult to manage a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old and a dog all at the same time to go to the vet.

We hope that you will find this information helpful in your quest for better pet care. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail us.

Dr. David Hammett and Linda Hammett
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