Pet Nursing Kit 150ml (cc) Easy Puppy Kitten Care

Pet Nursing Kit 150ml (cc) Easy Puppy Kitten Care Image

This baby bottle is ideal for supplementing milk to newborn small pets.

The clear silicon nipple is very long-lasting.

The bottle has clearly marked measurements on its side.

Also includes bottle cleaning brush and extra silicon nipple.

Designed for the feeding of orphaned or weak puppies and kittens, but is equally effective for other small animals.

The large 150 mL (cc) size makes it ideal for use with litters.

Prior to use, cut a small hole or a criss-cross slit in the tip of the nipple.The size of the cut will determine how much liquid will flow with each suckle.

To clean, just wash bottle and silicon nipplewith warm water.While not is use allow the bottle and nipple to air dry. Do NOT use heat to dry.

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