Pet Mothering Kit - Easy Care for Puppies Kittens

Pet Mothering Kit - Easy Care for Puppies Kittens Image

This unique kit features a tiny syringe gun with three interchangeable tiny clear silicon nipples.

Ideal for controlled feeding of young, weak, and very small animals using a suitable milk substitute, glucose or water.

The small nipple is ideal for feeding orphaned mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs and small wildlife.

The concept is to draw milk up into the tiny syringe then attach a nipple.

The milk is slowly administered as the newborn starts to suckle.

Allows the feeding of the smallest of animals.

Kit includes clear silicon nipples and syringe.

Packaged on blister-pack display with directions for use on the back.

Reusable. Hand-wash with warm water. Allow to air dry. Do NOT use heat to dry.

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