Buster Pet Pill Dispenser - Easier to Give Pills

Buster Pet Pill Dispenser - Easier to Give Pills Image

The BEST and EASIEST Way to Give Pills to Your Pets

You'll LOVE this piller whenever you have to give your dog or cat a pill or capsule.

It's also great for other pets - everything from goats to ferrets, and any small-medium farm stock.

It's easy. It's safe. It's quick. It's effective.

This awesome tool will allow you to administer medication without the mess. You'll quickly and easily become so proficient with it that almost all the time you'll give the medicine successfully in one try.

NOT recommended for birds, large farm stock, horses or very small pocket pets (hampters, rats, etc.)

When medicating your pet, have you ever:

* "Hide" a pill or capsule in a piece of cheese or meat only to discover your pet enjoyed whatever the pill was wrapped in and spit the pill out?

* Put your hand into your pet's mouth and try to "force-feed" the pill or capsule - - then watch helplessly as the slobbery, half-dissolved pieces of the pill or capsule are gagged up?

* Attempted to give your cat a pill (if so, you'll have the scars and Emergency Room bill as proof)?

For Dogs and Cats:

This piller solves these problems by allowing you to safely, quickly and easily give those pills or capsules without all the muss and fuss.

The soft plastic tip not only holds the pill or capsule, but it also protects your pet's mouth and throat from injury.

The plunger design allows for easy, quick and effective one-handed pill or capsule delivery - without your hands having to enter your pet's mouth.

The plastic construction protects your pet's teeth in case s/he bites the plunger and makes cleanup a snap.

Easy instructions for both dogs and cats.

Testimonial: "This product is a lifesaver!!! I have three elderly cats who require many different medications. This product is so easy to use and will not harm your animal's throat at all. You are able to get the pills down the throat without injury and the cat being able to spit them back out. This product is the best!! " - - Cheryl R., Austin, TX.


Administer tablets and capsules to pets more quickly, safely, and easily.

Long plastic barrel (about 6-inches long) with plastic plunger and soft, flexible tip.

Designed like a large animal balling gun.

Safe and easy to use.

Easy to follow instructions included.

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